Silk Weekend: Casual and Sexy Styles

Infuse your casual moments with some chic and well-deserved self-love: Let our loyal silk scarves hug and caress you when it's just you, in your own circle, far away from welcoming committees, paparazzi and fashion police.  Tie your scarf this way or that - easy, romantic or sexy - and enjoy peace, free time, and good company.

Stunning silk scarf bikini top. Fits and looks best if tied on top of a strapless bra (shown here). Looks amazing under a sheer shirt or a regular shirt - half- or fully unbuttoned. You can tuck the scarf edges under your bra - at the top and at the bottom - to create a super-shapely look and to keep the scarf from shifting as you move....Scarf in this photo: "No Regrets"

Tie it with a regular knot (shown here), or pull it under and over the front of your bra (shown above). You can also use a scarf buckle or ring: Worn with a bra, the knot can be soft, not tight. If needed, go undercover! You can hide your sexy top under a jacket......Scarf in this photo: "Deep Inside"

Off-the-shoulder look creates a sensual neckline. If you wear it with a strapless bra, tuck the scarf edges under the bra at the bottom front to keep it in place. You can combine this scarf style with boho clothes or accessories for romantic flair, or wear it with minimalist clean-line palazzo pants or a long skirt. It's true, any off-the-shoulder style is profoundly impractical, and that may be one of the reasons we associate it with glamour and luxury. So, luxuriate! It's weekend in your palazzo, bella! ...Scarf in this photo: "No Regrets"

Similar style, only this time, your scarf is a true accessory. Wear it to create sensual, evocative neckline effects - your scarf is your picture frame! ...Scarf in this photo: "You Never Got My Message?"

Here is another scarf bikini top style. All you need is a ribbon, a necklace or a belly chain. A cocktail hour on your veranda, a weekend afternoon in the garden, a novel on the roof deck or back porch...Scarf in this photo: "Alchemy"

While your scarf is an accessory, don't hesitate to accessorize it! Long necklaces go great with casual scarf styles, and a choker will add a romantic or vintage touch to bare shoulders framed with a silk scarf......Scarf in this photo: "Flower Chandeliers"

If you tie together the top corners of two scarves back-to-back, you'll get a luxurious tunic.  You can wear it on or off your shoulders, you can clip it to a bra with a scarf (or hair) clip, or wear it with a belt. ...Scarf in this photo: "Femme Fatale"

Triangle in front, tied on your back - easy and luxurious.  ...Scarf in this photo: "No Regrets"

Wearing your scarf with a strapless bra underneath makes this style more practical if you go out...Scarf in this photo: "No Regrets"

That silky touch on your skin is your silk scarf... the sunlight in the room is a smile on your face, baby. Hey, it's the weekend! ...Scarf in this photo: "No Regrets"