100% silk scarf turquoise lilac blue square "Believe"

90cm / 36" square. Free Shipping: US/Canada.

Sometimes, when you stop trying to control how your dreams or desires may come true, you allow the universe to find its own way of making happen what is meant to happen. Sometimes all it takes is to be comfortable with uncertainty, to accept that the messiness of life is part of the magic, and to avoid the temptation of forcing your destiny to unfold before its time. Believe. Stay true. 

"Believe" classic silk carré exclusive design by Heartbreak Salon. 100% silk charmeuse. Luscious shiny, very silky flowing texture, blue hand-rolled hem. The colors are saturated and vibrant on both sides. Tea cups and cupcakes, Victorian garden party theme. Words "At peace with temptation, at ease with perfection" printed along the bottom edge. Top left corner: "Stay True." Bottom right: "Believe."

Dry clean or hand-wash cold.

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