100% silk scarf black blue square "Never give up"

"Never Give Up" classic silk carré blue grey scarf by Heartbreak Salon. 90cm / 36" square. 

People gossip, people judge, people give you the cold shoulder...Well, you want to know something? What they think of us has nothing to do with us. It's not their job to like you. It's YOUR job to like yourself, and get over whatever is keeping you down. You hold the keys, and as the doors open, you know there is an upward current that can lift you over any mountain.

Tribal tattoo art motif, feathers (a metaphor for an ascending trajectory) and keys (a metaphor for opening doors)... The words "Never Give Up" printed along the edge.

100% silk charmeuse, hand-rolled hem...

Luscious shiny, very silky flowing texture, blue hand-rolled hem. The colors are saturated and vibrant on both sides.

Dry clean or hand-wash cold.

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