100% silk scarf red and white square "The Age of Accessories"

Heroes, horses, serpents, dragons, fantasy beasts, and a damsel...all in polka dots...all wearing their silk carée scarves and twilly bracelets! The golden age of accessories was not an era of low-maintenance laid-back simplicity! It was a kick-ass ancient era!


And today, the lore of ancient days invades your closet to remind you of the truth that never fails:


Life is complicated and full of unexpected turns. Looking put together is the best way to face your destiny, my love!


“Put together” is not about vanity: It’s about about feeling a certain way, being ready for anything, especially ready for great things to happen today (as in ‘at any moment!’) like an encounter with a long-lost friend, or a sudden sensation of the magic inside you… It’s about being ready to go forth and have a kick-ass life.

And that’s where accessories come in: They make you look in control! Sh-sh-shhhhhhh! Believe it or not, this is a secret. Yes, you can share it at your discretion.

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